Alec baldwin dating 27 year old

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Alec Baldwin will shatter his own record when he hosts "Saturday Night Live" for a 17th time this weekend, and all eyes will be on President Donald Trump's Twitter account.

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As expected, Alec Baldwin, 54, married 28-year-old yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas in New York City on Saturday.

There he is, standing solo on the sidewalk, darkly handsome, smiling, and perhaps just a bit shorter than I had imagined.

He greets me with a firm handshake and a friendly intensity, like a Labrador with grown-up manners who hasn’t forgotten what it felt like to be a pup, and we duck inside.“Baldwin,” my host says to a slightly befuddled security guard at the desk.

(He later apologized.)But now, with the security guard, Baldwin remains the soul of calm.

A telephone call is made, a familiar face appears, and we are whisked up a stairway into the welcoming arms of Zarin Mehta, the brother of the conductor Zubin, who is the Philharmonic’s soon-to-retire executive director and thus, in a sense, Baldwin’s boss.

Over the next three decades, Baldwin demonstrated his comedy chops to put his stamp on the show with some now-iconic characters and impressions, but none more important in the "SNL" zeitgeist than the highly divisive GOP presidential candidate-turned-POTUS.

Five men have played Trump on the show over the years, but Baldwin was the first to cause such a stir that Trump regularly tweets condemnation for the show and Baldwin's portrayal, which has only seemed to egg on the outspokenly progressive actor. '" The question for Baldwin and "SNL" seems it just might be "What will drive Trump crazy?

deeply involved in philanthropy, the New York Philharmonic, and politics, and blissfully grabbing a second chance at love, Baldwin has come a long way from his angry years as a Hollywood bad boy and that epic, ugly divorce. Purdum checks out Alec Baldwin 2.0, still hotheaded at times, but—with two big summer movies—more than ready for his close-up.

At twilight on a Thursday in the heart of Manhattan, the concertgoers flock swiftly into the plaza at Lincoln Center, but I head alone around the corner to the stage door of Avery Fisher Hall, on West 65th Street, where I’ve been told to meet Alec Baldwin.

According to the New York Times, Baldwin and Thomas met in February 2011 at a NYC restaurant called Pure Food and Wine.

Photos: Alec Baldwin weds Hilaria Thomas Thomas, an NYU grad who was raised in Boston and Spain, recalled to the Times that she was "standing near the door with my friends when [Baldwin] walked up and took my hand and said, ‘I must know you.'" Baldwin admitted to the paper that he didn't think that opening line was all that clever, but that when he saw his eventual bride-to-be, he "felt compelled" to make an introduction.

“There should be two tickets for Alec Baldwin.”“Alan Baldwin?