Am dating nigerian man

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Am dating nigerian man - Adult phone chat in kenya

He was someone I thought understood the plight of women and the need for the empowerment of the girl child.I turned to another male colleague who had heard our entire conversation and he also nodded in agreement.

Every African man of African parents no matter how many years he has spent abroad still carries that African man ego & mentality; this heavily influences the dynamics of his intimate relationships.

i am a very attractive black female, i still retain my same look from when i was first married , i used to be a professional model but stopped as my husband told me no married woman should model, i cook his food , i speak his language small, i go back and forth to naija alone without him just to go with the kids to see his mother and family, his family are very sweet people and i love them tremendously.

i am not very boisterous, and i respect him to the utmost, everyone that sees our relationship ponders if he is possessed, as he has the ultimate wife, even his sisters said tehy could not take the things from any naija man that i take.

My biggest problem with him is love, he shows me none, but prefers to watch pornos with white girls, and im down for anything, i will but them if he wants, but he totally blocks me out of his life emotionally, whenever he travels, i can NEVER go, like to Canada, but when he is there , he parties and flirts around, i know because people tell me, and coincidences of women picking his phone ... I basically do not know who to discuss this with , maybe there is something im doing as an american woman that is something a naija woman would do that i dont know, because i am the one who suggests things for him to do with me intimately, and he forbades it , but yet oogles it on screen, and probably does it when he is outside, i hate to ruin my marraige over this issue, but after 6 years oif non affection, trying every trick in the book, and i do mean EVERY TRICK IN THE BOOK!!!!!!!!! any advice is welcomed, as i need affection to, it is only natural. thank you for reading this.139189724 #17466By nai1 on Monday, February 06, 2006 - am I am a african american women married to an Igbo Nigerian man.

I have had similiar issues including verbal abuse non affection including very little sex and lack of emotion.

PS I have several Nigerian married friends who have verified these characteristics.

CHINYERE'S REPLY" It just amazes me how our boys from Africa find the worst kind of illiterate women to go out.I am a young woman and to any mans standards very attractive and intellegent.I dont know if it is a cultural thing or if it is just the man that I am married to.Like I said I have no problem with a woman wanting to rise to the top of her career, just don’t slack in your primary assignment and expect me to help or curb your ways. Now you must do both exceptionally well’ That was the first time it hit me… My colleagues and I do the same thing at the work place.I had never really given it so much thought on how being a career woman would be. We both get to work as early as 7 if we are not on call and had been awake all night attending to patients, and don’t leave the hospital till past 5.The way my mouth opened that afternoon cannot be explained.