Ampeg svt serial number dating

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From what I can gather, Post-1984 The modern Ampegs of the St. The amps made since 1988 have a 10-digit serial number which is encoded for model, country, date, and year. The serial number starts 115EI4**** which in my reckoning means the 115 reflects the model. The serial number can be broken down as follows: Digits 1, 2, 3 = Model Digit 4 = Country Code where: U = U.

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when the newly formed investor group acquired a majority share of Ampeg stock.

Unimusic consisted of investors interested in capitalizing on opportunities in the highly fragmented music equipment manufacturing market of the time, not unlike CBS which owned Fender and Rhodes, or the later Norlin which at times owned various music instrument brands, including Gibson Guitars, Lowrey and Moog Music.

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W = worldwide Y = Europe Digit 5 = Year where: A = 1988 B = 1989 C = 1990 D = 1991 E = 1992 F = 1993 G = 1994 H=1995 I=1996 J=1997 K=1998 L=1999 M=2000 N=2001 etc Digit 6 = Month where: 1 through 9 = January through September 0 = October A = November B = December Digits 7, 8, 9, 10 = serial number SO my question relates to a 1x15 cab that I picked up off Zombywoof from these pages.