Android validating text input

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Android validating text input - consolidating cubase 4

Until the error is fixed, the error replaces the helper text.An error message should appear on a single line, if possible.

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(Well, OK, maybe Think about it: By inserting a single element in your markup, you can tell any web browser to render an interaction control, and you can completely modify that interaction – from a text field to a checkbox to a radio button – by simply changing a keyword.

There are issues with Stack Overflow which is why we are keeping the existing group and will still answer questions/issues there but the benefits far outweigh the issues: As part of this work we also try to answer questions thru Stack Overflow even when we get them in other channels (e.g. This can be helpful as a future reference to users who are looking at the given issue encountered by a pro user.

A lot has changed in the Cordova support since we originally announced it, Steve has been hard at work on the following changes: All of the details are listed in the main port site.

Documentation specific to plugin development can be found here.

This effectively means it should be MUCH easier to port plugins to Cordova with these changes.

After a discussion with some members of the community we decided to shift the weight of our support efforts to Stack Overflow from our existing google group discussion forum.

Notice that we will still answer questions in the discussion forum but we strongly prefer using Stack Overflow (don't forget to use the codenameone tag).

I have uploaded the code on Github and you can find it here - Rx Form Validation. Can you guess which is my favorite Rx Java operator?

I’m planning to add some unit testing and more form elements later.

Icons describe the type of input a text field requires. Icons can also be touch targets for nested components.

For example, a calendar icon may be tapped to reveal a date picker.

In this post, I talk about my obsession about operators, but where’s the fun in that!

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