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In 1967, ECOSOC struggled for “independence” from the CBA.It was the assertion of ECOSOC to break free from CBA’s congestion.

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Exemplifying its continued commitment to this thrust, UP Ecosoc engages itself on numerous service-oriented activities, most notable of there is the scholarship that it provides for deserving high school and college students through the Economics Society Scholarship Fund (UP ESSF).

The convocations, student-teacher dialogues, then considered eloquent steps, were germane to economics.

Those years were indeed productive years for ECOSOC in as much as the Formal Scholarship Fund for Economics majors was founded.

Van Auken on camera, we executed 70 shots in just 4 hours; 90% of them in single takes.

We shoot the other half of the short on June 3rd – which just happened to be when the second location and the actors could all be plunked onto the same calendar square.

Major parts of the aesthetic of this short were dictated by my pre-awareness of what my resources and shooting conditions would be.

With the cafe open for business, we knew capturing dialogue would be a time sink and possibly ineffective no matter what, so the character in the cafe only has two spoken words.

At my budget level, this is the only arrangement that can get the cameras rolling.

That footage is already 95% edited – it was a swift process because I scripted every single angle that I wanted, obsessively planned the shot list and, with real-life g*ddamn wizard J.

Saturday was our first day of production on my third short film, The Dinner Scene.

We got a huge boost from The 102 Cafe in Garden Grove which allowed our skeleton crew to film in a corner during business hours on a handshake (and the price of a few beverages).

The years 1966-67 saw the Society make its mark through its many contributions to the University.