Australia dating bank deposit

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So you can let us know if you want to roll it over, withdraw it or arrange a combination of the two.Let us know if you want to roll it over, withdraw it or arrange a combination of the two in Net Bank before the maturity date. The interest rate you locked-in when you first opened your Term Deposit may not be on offer at renewal.

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If the government imposes a tax of 5bp on interest of 3bp, I’m left with negative interest. These days that would qualify the US as a tax haven. And again, over time, they are often diverted away from those purposes.

To find out more, visit au, call into a NAB branch, or call 13 13 12 for information on personal rates or 13 10 12 for information on business rates.

You can manage your Term Deposit online without having to call us or visit a branch.

This information was prepared on unless the Interest Rate Quotation above contains a different date, in which case this document was prepared on that date.

All rates are effective, , and are subject to change at any time.

Monday, This document forms part of the product disclosure statement for each of the products listed in this document along with the product disclosure statement including terms and conditions for the relevant product.

If you would like a copy of these documents, contact us.

You can contact us at maturity or within the 7 day grace period (following reinvestment) of your ANZ Term Deposit to confirm interest rates that will apply upon reinvestment.

Opt in and we’ll send you an email, SMS or a notification in Net Bank before your Term Deposit matures.

Please view our Financial Services Guide (PDF68KB).

Several months ago, the government of Australia proposed to tax bank deposits up to 0,000 at a rate of 0.05% (5 basis points).

Before making any decisions regarding any of the products covered by this document, NAB recommends you consider the applicable Product Disclosure Statement or other disclosure document, available from NAB.