Ben gibbard dating rachel demy

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Death Cab for Cutie: The Billboard Shoot"I'm not going to change the way I've always written for fear of people correctly or incorrectly assigning a name and face to these songs," says Gibbard, sitting in Atlantic's Manhattan offices, still wearing a brace on the wrist he broke while running a 50K race in February.

Gibbard's three-year marriage to the star, 35, made him an unlikely celebrity, that rare musician who turns up on both Pitchfork and TMZ.And now that it's over, everyone's wondering if new songs like "Black Sun" and "Ingenue" are about his ex.He saw the speculation coming, but Gibbard didn't get to be one of rock's most respected songwriters by skimping on the personal stuff. Thank you from my old, well-meaning, white t-shirt covered heart. // Seattle, WA #tbt - My grandma volunteered at the X Games every year, was friends with @tonyhawk & #39;s mom and is the sole reason I got to interview Tony for my senior project in high school. The interview must have been excruciating but I aced my senior project and graduated from high school. // San Diego, CA • 2014 - Every May, I begin missing Portugal and this ridiculous orchard I've had the privilege of visiting a few times. I have never felt more loved and accepted by my community. Currently wearing my most comfortable pair of underwear. I had bragging rights with my friends for YEARS after that.Rachel Demy strives to break past the contrived, which is why her photography is largely portraiture.

Portland bred and Seattle based, she got her first camera at age 7 and started filtering the world through its lens.Rachel Demy is someone that keeps me inspired daily by her amazingly beautiful photos and the fact that she pursues her dreams at full force.I love love love what her website says about her so I am going to quote it because it is beautifully written.And so began a lifelong obsession with what she found there.Touring with artists like The National, Richard Swift, Death Cab for Cutie, St. I had bragging rights with my friends for YEARS after that. Consider leaving." He was so direct it was almost impossible to be offended. (Also, thank you for all the love and kind comments yesterday.

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