Bow wow dating keyonnah

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Bow wow dating keyonnah - jarrod gorbel dating

The man behind the profile was not Bow Wow; in fact it was not a man at all — rather, it was a woman named Dee, also known as Dee Pimpin, who admitted she created the fake profile as a way to seduce girls.Dee — a lesbian who appeared in the episode dressed in white shorts, a baggy, blue shirt and a chain — confessed that the money was borrowed from family and friends and that Keyonnah wasn’t the only girl she’s met online.

However, things went south when Keyonnah found out -- with the help of the ever trusty show hosts Nev and Max -- that her Bow Wow was actually a 23-year-old woman!If you’ve spent any amount of time on the almighty Internet, you know that it is filled with part-time private investigators.Next up on the “who’s dating who” rumor mill is Bow Wow and Keyshia Cole, who many social media users are speculating to be an item.and the episode, which aired Tuesday, revealed how the young girl began communicating with someone posing as the rapper after she “liked” a Bow Wow fan page on Facebook.She said daily text messages were soon exchanged and their relationship took off as the two explored their future together — the “rapper” even sent her ,000 over the course of their relationship.And while she said she understands that the girls interested in Bow Wow are most likely straight, it doesn’t seem to bother her much.

“For me, I like a challenge,” Dee said, after admitting that she wears a lamb-skin accessory in bed.

Check out some of them that MTV documented HERE for a good laugh. He posted a hilarious reaction that you can watch HERE saying that it was a great promotion for his career. H., and has worked for newspapers in New England and upstate New York.

Turns out Dee is a lesbian and is after straight girls because said "I like a challenge." When Nev and Max pressed Dee about where she got the ,000 to send Keyonnah, she admitted that she does not actually do music. He even reached out to both Keyonnah and Dee to invite them to come and meet him on his BET show. Michaela is a grammar czar and amateur photographer who cares a lot about immigration reform and racial justice.

The “head rub” photo obscures the face of the woman lying down with the rapper, but many believe she bears Cole’s likeness: READ: Twitter Went In On Bow Wow For Posting This Photo…

Catching wind of the rumors, Bow Wow denied the claims on Twitter. & TSR STAFF: @kyle.anfernee Okay so are y’all ready for this one?

Rapper Bow Wow has maintained an on-and-off romantic relationship with former "Run's House" starlet Angela Simmons for years... Angela Simmons dating history, 2016, 2015, list of Angela Simmons ... Angela Simmons and Bow Wow pose together at Miami Fashion Week.

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