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In a way we should write more about it since it stands for more than half of all volcanism on the planet, but then on the other side, it rarely is noticed since 99.9 percent of it takes place under the ocean at such depths that you need a hydrophone to even notice it.Only places where you can find it above the surface is at the topmost part of the Great Rift volcanism, or in Iceland.

Perhaps because I have seen numerous documentaries about it, heard numerous theories back in the days of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption, or perhaps because of its powerful history and the fact that I am likely to see it erupt in my lifetime.Print Of The Week Special (above) 03/01/16 SPRING must be on the way - the highways are littered with dead skunks!My lovely bride noted this fact last week, saying it seemed to her that when skunks begin to show up along the highways that spring is not far off. While reading one of my most favorite books of all time - - the author (John J.A small café is located on the beach, open only during the summer, where one can stop for a romantic lunch after taking in the breath-taking scenery and unique tranquillity of the place. Hornstrandir nature reserve, Westfjords The Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is located at the northernmost part of the Westfjords, only a few kilometers south of the Arctic Circle.Apart from the central highlands, this is Iceland’s most isolated region.Whether it‘s exciting hikes, beautiful white beaches, dazzling Northern Lights, a night of partying, or simply to relax, Iceland‘s got it all. Ion Hotel, South Iceland The ION Hotel is situated at the base of Mount Hengill, on the outer rim of Þingvellir National Park. Rauðisandur beach, Westfjords Rauðisandur beach, located near the famous Látrabjarg cliffs, is one of Iceland’s most romantic spots.

There are plenty of day-time activities to choose from within the hotel’s vicinity; including horse riding, fishing, kayaking, 4×4 adventures, white water rafting, glacier tours, natural hot springs, hiking, snorkeling and diving. The beautiful white sand, the vast, roaring ocean, the towering mountains in the distance: Pure bliss.Not to mention that unlike most Icelandic volcanoes, I can actually pronounce this one.A lot was said and done about Katla on this blog in the past, including a great 3-part series titled ““, written in 2012 by Henrik.Reykjanes Peninsula As we leave the triple-junction volcano of Hengill behind us we venture beyond the volcanism that is driven by the Icelandic hotspot.Instead the volcanoes from here on is driven by the spreading of the Mid Atlantic Rift (MAR) only.These were amazing years which also included Eldgja.