Cedar ridge schools consolidating

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Cedar Ridge fields junior varsity and varsity teams in golf (boys/girls), volleyball, basketball (boys/girls), tennis (boys/girls), track and field (boys/girls), baseball, and softball, along with cheer and dance.The maps are based on the 2010 Census Bureau school district boundaries, not the legal written descriptions of the boundaries maintained by the individual school districts.For information about those legal boundaries, contact the local school district or county auditor's office.E&A was retained by the architects to assist with the design and construction documents of the structured data cabling and integrated media system to take advantage of the district’s data network for delivery of data, voice (telephone), PA, bells, CATV, video content, projection displays, and local sound reinforcement in the new Cedar Ridge High School.This design consolidation allows elimination of specialty cabling systems while maintaining extensive delivery of services throughout this facility and the district.Cedar Ridge High School is an accredited comprehensive public high school located in Newark, Arkansas, United States.

The school provides secondary education in grades 7 through 12 for approximately 220 square miles (570 km) of rural, distant communities of eastern Independence County, Arkansas including Newark, Cord, Charlotte, and Oil Trough.

In such an agreement, the districts remain legally separate but junior high students go to one and high school students go to the other.

For example, Aplington-Parkersburg has been "Aplington-Parkersburg" since 1992, but only legally recognized as one district beginning in 2004.

Cedar Ridge School District was created in 2003 from the consolidation of the Newark, Cord and Charlotte communities and encompasses 266.57 square miles (690.4 km Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.

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As districts merge and enrollment shrinks, buildings that were reduced to junior-high-only or elementary-only are closed. Example: Meservey's building became a junior high in 1963 with the formation of Meservey-Thornton, was closed in 1983 when everyone went to Thornton, and was torn down in the early '90s.

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