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Barbara Sears Rockefeller, who died Monday at 91, was a coal miner's daughter who on Valentine's Day of 1948 married the Standard Oil scion, Winthrop Rockefeller, in what was billed as "the Cinderella wedding of the century." The marriage collapsed within two years, and in 1954 she received a settlement worth more than $6 million.

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Born September 6, 1916, in Noblestown, Pa., outside Pittsburgh, she was the daughter of Lithuanian immigrants.A former director of Boston's exclusive Algonquin Club, he has a number of aliases and latterly was apparently posing as Charles "Chip" Smith.The Rockefeller dynasty has denied he is a relation.Southern rock pioneer and founding member of the Allman Brothers Band died at his home in Savannah, Georgia on Saturday, May 27, 2017, according to The New York Times. Gregg played as the band's lead singer and keyboardist and has been credited for creating the Southern rock of the 1970s, combining genres like jazz, blues, country and rock, the Times writes.Actor Roger Moore, best known for his role of Bond, James Bond, died on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, his family said on his Twitter account. Moore played the leading role in the Bond movies for 12 years.With a hair-trigger temper, he threw the tantrums to match.

David was more even-keeled than Bill, but he knew how to push his brother’s buttons. Arguments between the twins, who shared a small room, their beds within pinching range of each other, transcended routine sibling rivalry.

Morris always kept their boxing gloves close at hand to keep the brothers from seriously injuring each other when their tiffs escalated into full-scale brawls, as they often did.

The brothers’ industrialist father had officially hired the former soldier to look after the grounds and livestock on the family’s compound.

He even managed to marry Sandra Boss — a Harvard business-school grad and senior Mc Kinsey executive — under the faux identity in 1995.

The couple had a child together, whom the con man was later convicted of custodial kidnapping after their divorce.

Rockefeller's heir was a philanderer and boozer with a vast collection of pornography.