Consolidating foreign currency subsidiaries

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Consolidating foreign currency subsidiaries

In addition to this, we shall also discuss the effects of changes in foreign exchange rates, strategies used by foreign parent companies in reporting foreign currency transactions in the functional currency and the translation of a foreign operation.arent-subsidiary relationship emanating from stock acquisition where the parent is the acquiring company and the subsidiary is the acquired company.

You need to review the applicable guidance for each one of your subs (FAS 52 under the old naming convention).The income statement is translated using the exchange rates at the dates of the transactions.Where this is impracticable, an average rate for the year may be used provided that exchange rates do not fluctuate significantly.In essence, there are four forms of business combinations and consolidations.To start with, we have the concept of statutory merger, where a business combination results in the liquidation of the acquired company’s assets and the survival of the purchasing company.The current-rate method should be used to do the currency translation.

If the parent does not actively participate in the subsidiary’s operating, investing, and financing activities, the subsidiary is self-sustaining.Recently, I am in charge for preparation of consolidation accounts with other companies which using different currencies. Is it same treatment as Trade Receivables - unrealised gain/loss? The answer is not as straightforward as most of us would like.You have to first determine the functional currency of each foreign operation that you are consolidating.P&L accounts are often revalued at a midpoint rate for the month.Investment accounts (like investment in subsidiary) are valued at historical rates (and never revalued).Some general guidelines: 1) The method for conversion / translation for each subsidiary depends on the status (expense or P&L) role assigned to the subsidiary. 2) Accounts have different conversion rates used in the P&L model.

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