Dating people of different faiths

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All of a sudden, you start wondering what is the rock on which you ground your life? They may go underground until a crisis appears – an accident, a child with a serious illness, or a looming divorce.

Even if they loved the debate and their kink was being constantly told how wrong they are…no thanks.

I've never minded not having a religion, and I like the fact that because I'm a blank religious slate, I can approach new religions without prior assumption.

I grew up celebrating "Christian" holidays like Easter and Christmas, but in America, these days are so mainstreamed and commercialized, they almost seem secular.

Perhaps you’re putting off some of these heavy questions for a rainy day when your job is more settled, or wedding pressures subside… Whether you address them or not, however, the big life issues will not disappear.

Share them with your beloved and chart how you will live out your beliefs and values together. That’s nice, but it’s more important to talk about what God means to you, what spiritual practices you find meaningful, and how you can support each other once you are married.

If only one spouse believes that faith is important, how does he or she stay motivated to attend services if the other is sleeping or recreating?

It’s not impossible, but it’s more supportive to go to services together.

I've learned Hindu traditions while in India, marveled at the Muslim mosques while in Indonesia, caroled in a Carmelite monastery, and recently visited a Zen Buddhist center for meditation.

Having lived in the open-minded Bay Area for most of my life, this seems perfectly normal.

As someone who rarely, if ever, discusses faith with a new date, this was totally foreign.

Finding a partner seemed difficult enough; finding common ground with God seemed like yet another obstacle.

I don’t give a damn what type of music you listen to, but that can be important to someone who loves the music scene. Going to crack jokes about me getting in the kitchen? It’s an idea and philosophy, and one that makes me want to bash my head in. But I knew he didn’t agree with my religious views – that it made him feel guilty and even embarrassed for dating me – and in return it made me feel like crap.

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