David hoskinson dating

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David hoskinson dating

Aides credit Mc Callum with launching an aggressive program in the Senate to hire minorities.And it was Mc Callum who organized every detail of Reid’s involvement in the presidential Inauguration, from ticket distribution to the senator’s meet and greets to even the food tasting for the inaugural luncheon.

Produced by Spartina Productions and CBS Television Studios, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is the second iteration of CBS's Late Show franchise.— predictably — focused on some of the big takeaways for Canadians, namely that Phelan struck down restrictions on medical marijuana users from growing their own cannabis, declaring the federal Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations invalid.Phelan sided with four medical marijuana users who argued their Charter rights were violated, and gave the federal government six months to get its legislative house in order in response to the decision.But for close-reading legal eagles interested in ongoing litigation regarding pot, Phelan had some strong words on expert testimony presented during the trial.The issue has been percolating on the public policy agenda for years, and Phelan minced no words, particularly towards the government.“A clear theme running through the evidence of this trial is that despite the lengthy period for which marihuana for medical purposes has been available, there is a paucity of evidence, particularly from government, in respect of its use and effects,” said the ruling.

“Marihuana is not treated as a ‘medicine’ by statute, regulation or policy, and the information gap posed a significant problem.

He is called “the enforcer,” but he’s not the guy you see walking hurriedly beside Harry Reid, ready to cut off any interloper.

He’s not the one who stands by the doors of the Senate as Reid rambles on about the day’s agenda.

When the majority leader needs something from the Senate sergeant-at-arms or the secretary of the Senate or from a particular Senate office, Mc Callum is the one to make it happen, aides say.

He is also the one who offers the caucus advice and help.

CBS had not had a regular late-night talk show for most of its existence prior to that point, with only one attempt (the short-lived Pat Sajak Show in 1990) between 1972 and Letterman's arrival.