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The new footage of the set debuted earlier this month and we completely missed it.Stars Dylan O’Brien, Ki Hong Lee, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Dexter Dryden show off one of the new sets from the upcoming film and dish about what fans can expect to see.

I finally feel like I’ve reached the point where I can share the story.It turns out that two of the actors in the series are actually dating in real life, and honestly we’ve never been more immediately obsessed with a couple more in our entire lives. In addition to announcing new tour dates, his single “My Girl” and the upcoming release of his self-titled debut album on Aug. On Saturday (May 28), Scott wed Blair Anderson in Bastrop, La.It all started when Dylan called her up feeling sick and she thought he was suffering from a case of appendicitis and needed to be rushed to hospital.Understandably panicking because she was thousands of miles away, Britt did what all good girlfriends would and packed up her two dogs and immediately caught a flight with them to be there for him.Norma Bates (mother/aunt)†Norman Bates (half-brother/cousin)†John Massett (legal father)Sam Bates (stepfather)†Caleb Calhoun (father/uncle)†Francine Calhoun (grandmother)†Ray Calhoun (grandfather)Alex Romero (stepfather)Emma Decody (wife)Kate Massett (daughter)Will Decody (father-in-law) Ethan Chang (friend/accomplice)†Remo Wallace (friend/accomplice)Gil Turner (boss)†Zane Morgan (boss)†Jodi Morgan (boss/love interest)†Gunner (ex-co-worker, ex-roommate)Omar (co-worker)Chuck (accomplice)†Iggy (accomplice)†Sid (accomplice)† Dylan Massett is the half-brother/cousin of Norman Bates and the son of Norma Bates, conceived from incestuous acts forced upon her by her brother Caleb Calhoun.

Dylan is an edgy outsider in the Norma/Norman tea party.

He was joined by his co-stars including Halston Sage, Peter Macron, J.

Lee, Adrienne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes and Marc Jackson.

Every single thing in this song is me.” He shares that with “My Girl,” he decided to write of all the things he gets to see in his girl that others don’t always see: the way she looks at him, how she smiles when she’s holding a baby and images of her as she’s praying on her knees before she goes to bed.

at the Fox event at Wollman Rink in Central Park on Monday (May 15) in New York City.

But, as it turns out, he was not suffering from appendicitis at all.

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