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The referee will issue an order scheduling the matter for a final status conference, and indicating what documents, if any, must be filed by plaintiff.

Ruokailun aikana sekä sen jälkeen musiikista vastasivat isä ja poika Jari ja Jere Rouvinen harmonikkoineen. Blagoy Georgiev, a 33 year-old midfielder with top Russian outfit Rubin Kazan, was visiting Rome as a tourist with his girlfriend, when he decided to leave his mark on the Colosseum by engraving his initials on a ground floor pillar with a coin, tgcom24 reported.The football ace was caught in the act by security guards who notified the authorities, The police charged him with vandalizing the historic building and confiscated his coin.Experts plan to defuse the bomb on Thursday afternoon.Drivers have also been advised to avoid the area around the Mülheim Bridge on both banks of the river.Over 70 years after the end of the Second World War, it is still common for unexploded bombs dropped by the Allies to be found in German urban centres.

This operation is comparatively small compared to evacuations that have taken place in the past.

In Hanover in 2013, 25,000 people had to leave their homes after several bombs were discovered in the northeast of the city.

Meanwhile city authorities in Berlin announced last year that they believe there are still 3,000 unexploded bombs lying under the city.

Tilaisuus oli onnistunut ja mieleenpainuva, josta suuri kiitos Kyöstille ja Juliannalle.

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Arthur Sarnitz, born in Kaliningrad to Estonian parents, wants to rebuild its urban core to resemble how it was prior to World War II, before Allied bombing and the Red Army destroyed much of the then German city.