Forget me not a youth devotions on love and dating

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Forget me not a youth devotions on love and dating

Maybe you honestly admired his finer qualities, but now you can’t remember what they were.You once appreciated his wonderful attributes, but now you take them for granted.

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I can remember many great times that I had in the different stages of my life in youth group.In the book of Revelation, God had this to say to the church at Ephesus: (Revelation 2:4).Ephesus was one of the most loving churches in the New Testament, and yet somewhere along the way they lost that initial thrill of knowing Christ.instead today we need to take a serious look at our own views, and how we perceive others."I feel plain, unlikable and lonely," despairs Lisa, a bright teenager from a loving home.Between taking out the garbage, paying the bills, running the car pool, mowing the lawn, disciplining the kids and folding the laundry, sometimes the passion of marriage gets lost. We can get so busy taking care of life that we forget to take care of love. If you’re like me, you got married because you were madly in love and couldn’t imagine life without your man!

You were passionately stirred beyond belief and couldn’t wait to tie the knot and spend the rest of your days with this incredible person God had miraculously brought into your life. But maybe you could use a little reminder — a re-stoking of that passion.In 1978, Francis Schaeffer, who inspired and gave inception to this ministry, said: Youth Ministry is perhaps the most important ministry of the church and it is essential that we are willing and committed to reach students for the Christian faith before they enter College!Our founder and Director, Richard Krejcir followed that call and was a youth pastor from 1978 through 2000.What do you do when you’ve lost that lovin’ feelin’ in your marriage?Maybe you truly adored your husband in the beginning, but now you can’t remember why.) Many youth are not being taught to read and study the Bible or how to pray or understand Christian basics, and thus they tend not to develop a firm foundation of faith.

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