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That spill already has been completely cleaned up, Daniel said, and crews have completed work to pull pipe through the area.

An additional 50,000 gallons of bentonite spilled into a wetland in Mifflin Township in Richland County.

GARFIELD — Garfield will be hosting a Mud Run on May 27 as part of their centennial events and with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Garfield Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

The two-mile mud run course will be comprised of 10 to 14 obstacles at Century Field including climbing over tires, under ropes, crawling through mud and climbing over a wall.

MUDs are the smart people’s MMO; the hackers and coders, writers, artists and scientists.

It is a unique blend of art, science, mathematics, and gaming.

One such type of game is MUDs, which have always fascinated me, personally, being that they’re kind of the “way more interesting grandfather of MMOs”.

Anyway, I asked Emily to write me an article on the subject to introduce my readers to the games, and she did!

Once constructed, the .2 billion underground pipeline will run from Washington County in southeast Ohio northwest to Defiance and connect with pipelines to send Ohio natural gas to markets nationwide.

The larger spill coated 500,000 square feet of a wetland adjacent to the Tuscarawas River in northeast Ohio with as much as 2 million gallons of bentonite mud, which is used as a drilling lubricant.

This week in Guide Magazine I talk about animals that purr. This is where I show you a super zoomed in close up of something in nature, then you post guesses to see if you can figure out what it is. I started in Mexico City, then traveled down to Ecuador, then Peru, and now I'm in La Paz, Bolivia...

Of course, when you think of a purring animal, everyone pretty much automatically thinks of the cat but there are many other animals that purr, too! If you live in North America, you are almost certainly counting the days till the last day of school. For my blog today, I simply have a question I'd like for each of you to respond to. The question is-- When God created animals, He provided some of them the ability to blend in and camouflage into their environments.

This mud run represents those obstacles on a smaller scale."Competitors can also raise money for other organizations including schools, local sports teams and non profits from other towns.

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