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In the bedroom, the audience can make their own selection from video films by Tamra Davis, Sadie Benning, Cameron Jamie, Tony Oursler, Dave Markey, Lisa Rinzler, Kathleen Hanna and Kim Gordon.With the presentation of Kim's Bedroom, MU has realized an exciting project in which recent developments in contemporary art are shown in juxtaposition.

Moreover, Trevisan transforms Brunos illness and his ultimate loss, through Brunos own peaceable acceptance of his mortality, into a gift, an offering that has the power to redeem us all.Communication is the quest, communication sans barriers.Angelo Plessas’s works form a certain kind of a deliberate “digitally naive” poetry, like a weed within the over-wrought special-effects garden of cyber space.Plessas seems to be a veritable bohemian, rather, who oscillates between fertile constellations and specific locales within the net, no different than a bohemian flâneur, drifting through the streets of Paris.He is a part of a kind of “celebrity neighborhood” where members create freely and dwell in and out of the internet without having to undergo any sense of transition.Its plot consists of an arranged meeting between a visual artist named Bruno and his former girlfriend Sara, for the purpose of informing her that he has AIDS.

Although the story accompanies Saras point of view, the force of the narrative resides in Brunos voice.

The MU space has been transformed into an interior referring to a film set.

A curved wall leads the spectators via a succession of works by Jessica Wood, Jutta Koether, Kim Gordon, Rita Ackermann, Spike Jonze, Sophia Coppola, Richard Kern and Raymond Pettibon to the focal point of the exhibition.

Opening Friday march 17, 20.00h In Kim's Bedroom, conceptualizer and guest curator Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) introduces the spectator to an extraordinary, personal world in which visual arts, photography, film/video, fashion and music have come together.

The project includes an exhibition, a music performance, a film night and a publication with CD.

In this intimate space, the bedroom, one of the artworks is an installation by fashion designer Susan Cianciolo.

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