Friendly welsh dating

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Friendly welsh dating

Well, we might not be able to stop you from wearing that dodgy shirt, but luckily we are on hand to offer some ideas on the latter!For North Wales singles, the mixture of towns, villages and surrounding countryside make it perfect for outdoor pursuits.

Not up for a relationship, still dealing with the fall out from leaving the last one. Love to be a reason to make someone smile Dessert is my best end of a date Down to earth guy looking to make some friends on here.

I know that English people has an germanic origin and Welsh people descend from the ancient britons but what I am asking is about way of living, attitudes, behaviours and other things on the day by day life.

I would like to know what distinguish Welsh people from the English people.

Day to day there is little real difference, everybody speaks English, and as for ancestry it doesn't really matter unless you're some die-hard nationalist.

Most people will have English and Welsh family anyway. Hi Viva, It would probably be crude to try to highlight differences, as the two nations are 90% the same really.

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I'm cultured in that I like imported beers and travelling.. Your parents will love me but your neighbours won't ;) Hello, am easy going ( to an extent hehe) ,..friendly, honest person..

Whether you live in Swansea, Wrexham or anywhere in between, meet singles in Wales with e Harmony.

Over 100,000 registered users in Wales; see who you'll be matched with today. Get matched with people within 30 miles of your town, throughout the UK or anywhere in between. Join for free and review your matches today Around 20% of people in Wales speak the Welsh language (also known as Cymraeg: one of the oldest languages in Europe).

If you can't laugh at yourself, I probably will! Or so I'm told, I wouldn't know; I don't have kids.. I enjoy conversation, and a laugh but can also be serious about things. I enjoy different cultures and have many travel experiences.

I'm not giving much away, I've learnt my lesson regarding sharing too much to people I don't know. I'm a musical, intellectual type who juggles being a single parent with being a full time university student.

This fact is symbolic of a country with an ingrained and incredibly proud sense of identity.