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A rabbinic interpretive tradition (one which goes back at least to the fourth century C. and is found in the midrashic book Sifra) understands another verse in Leviticus 18 to mean that the locals in Canaan actually conducted same-sex marriages, among other forbidden sexual practices the Canaanite peoples had sanctioned. In the first five books of the Bible (the Torah), homosexual intercourse isn't the only act called an "abomination." The book of Deuteronomy applies the terms to certain unethical business practices, which in Leviticus are denounced as a "perversion" (see Deut. I don't know of another category of sin that, in the biblical context, is both a) explicitly made applicable to gentiles and b) is spoken of in such emphatic terms as leading to societal breakdown, whether the society in question is Jewish or not.

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Andrew loves Jesus and his word, and he believes that it’s wrong to act on his sexual orientation.

Thanks, Preston, for asking me to participate in this discussion.

I grew up in a loving, conservative evangelical family, and came to faith in Christ at a young age.

The land became contaminated and I recalled its iniquity upon it; and the land disgorged it inhabitants" (vv. The Canaanites suffered national defeat, invasion, humiliation. If any country defies them, it will suffer a fate akin to the Canaanites'.

The men and women of Canaan were not held responsible for not observing the Jewish Sabbath--to pick another example of a practice asked only of Jews; but they were held responsible for rejecting the fundamental moral tenet that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Here’s this novel’s story: When a white driver critically injures a black bicyclist, the residents in a tense, gentrifying South Philadelphia neighborhood can’t decide whether to unite, hide, or explode. Rose wrestles with ways to effectively organize the community and still be true to the neighborhood she fears may have outgrown her.

Carol Jones, the mother of the bicyclist, is drawn back to the neighborhood she fled years ago for posh suburbia and finds roots deeper than she realized.

But one of the positive things to come out of my experience reading it for the first time was how I softened my negative stance on what the Bible has to offer. But there’s a lot of positive content that gets set aside when a small sliver is used to represent this ancient text.

This change in my perception directly influenced the revision of my new Philadelphia-set novel .

This stance, even though we have made great strides towards equality in our country, still needs to be improved.

So I wasn’t sure what to expect with finally reading the Bible for this project.

More importantly, their studies did not stand up to scientific scrutiny by other researchers.

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