Google latitude background updating

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Nearly 22 months after its first announcement, Google Latitude has finally landed on the i OS App Store.Unlike last week when the Latitude app appeared briefly in the Japanese store for a moment, this time it is official.

According to Google's mobile blog, Apple suggested that Latitude would be better served as a web-based application and not a standalone app.For your attention – Simple Latitude for Windows Phone!It is a first version which will be improved and be evolved based on your feedback.Latitude is Google's location-based service that lets you see the location of your friends on a map and share your own location.This sharing is done in real-time using your phones GPS receiver and mobile broadband connection.This lesson shows you how to request regular updates about a device's location using the method in the fused location provider.

The last known location of the device provides a handy base from which to start, ensuring that the app has a known location before starting the periodic location updates.

It became more convenient and useful tool than an old one. To make it really easy to start we use the anonymous windows live id account to authenticate you, that is why no need to enter a username/password in order to start using the application.

You can even re-install the app or launch it on another Windows Phone using the same live id account and your data will be safe and available.

The new version of the Latitude app has been updated to support background processing on devices with i OS 4.0 or greater.

Now with access to background GPS data, the Latitude app will continue to share your location in real-time, even when the app is closed or the screen is locked.

Google has finally released a native i Phone app for Google Latitude.

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