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I understand that before we had mechanized warfare, there was an advantage to "traveling light" and staying agile, but naked?Why make yourself so unnecessarily vulnerable - particular in the genital areas? Can imagine them fighting naked or nearly so in ritualised combat like duels and tournaments to show off their prowess and courage (and to level the playing field), while in warfare they'd carry what armour they could.

We have dealt with some of the most difficult issues. in vase-painting there is a genuine risk of over-interpreting objects. In this investigation of humour [3] I use the word “humour” in its modern accepted meaning,...Theories on humour are too distant from the object of their study.There are numerous ancient and modern theories on the laughable but they are, to a large extent, lifeless.But for me the best is that I need no clothes there.

The British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will join the leaders of the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot halves of the island tomorrow as they edge closer to a solution which would reunify Cyprus for the first time since 1974 when Turkey invaded.We have touched upon almost all of them, we have solved many of them, and we are close to solving some other issues.' Akrotiri is crucial to the RAF's mission, as a refuelling and rearming centre, in the Middle East and Afghanistan.The lights of Limassol can be seen in the background.We explore issues like these on both broad social and personal dimensions.NOTE: This course fulfills the Race & Diversity (GD) requirement for students under Gen Ed and Studies in Race (RS) for students under Core. Vous recevrez un email à chaque nouvelle parution d'un numéro de cette revue. It is not my intention to attempt to write my own theory of Greek humour, but rather to discuss how Greek vases can be used to understand some mechanisms of humour.

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