Hints on updating bathrooms

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Hints on updating bathrooms - Charolette grecee

Invite a realtor or interior designer over to check out your home.

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Small problems (such as a hidden water leak) can become big, expensive problems quickly; the longer you put off repairs, the more expensive those repairs will be. One of the simplest, most cost-effective improvements of all is paint!

You can wipe it out and add more if you still notice the smell.

After that treatment if you still have a smell, paint or varnish the interior of the cabinet.

Bathrooms continue to top homeowners’ lists of popular rooms to remodel—and for good reason.

As more Americans are carefully investing in their homes rather than selling, they realize the value of a bath redo extends beyond enjoying new decor. Value Report, midrange bath remodels get a 70% return on investment—even higher in certain regions or neighborhoods.

We bought a home built in 1978 and had the same problem.

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