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There’s a time and a place for fancy cocktails mixed with rare spirits and on-fire garnishes, just like there's a time and a place for... For those latter times: here're 40 under-$7 shot-and-a-beer specials, spread across 15 different Chicago neighborhoods.2462 N Lincoln Ave The Deal: $5-$6 beer shot combination on Mondays, $6-$7 beer shot combination on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays, $3 beer shot combination on Thursdays, $7 for 22oz stadium cups of Miller Lite and Coors well drinks on Saturdays, and half-price 2210 N California Ave The Deal: The $8.50 “PB&J Special”, which includes a slice of pizza, a PBR tall boy, and a shot of Jameson.

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The second building fronted on the next artery over, Page Mill Road, and housed sales, legal, operations, and everyone involved in the nontechnical side of the Facebook machine.

A fleet of tidy white shuttle buses shuffled people between them, and the occasional Facebooker walked the half mile for exercise, or just to see the sun occasionally.

The daylong session known as on-boarding was held in the nontechnical building, so white shuttle it was to Page Mill Road.

Catch."In what some call the greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time, an Olympian runs to save a race of hypnotized humans from their computer overlord.

Being chased by police, the Olympian throws a hammer at the screen overlord and a beacon of light shines, to the amazement of the followers.

This is an excerpt from the book "Chaos Monkeys" by Antonio Garcia Martinez.

The book describes how Garcia got funding for his tech startup from Y Combinator and Chris Sacca, sold that startup to Twitter for millions, and then bailed on the deal to go work at This chapter describes what happened to Garcia on his first day at Facebook, and how he was inducted into the company's official culture of secrecy.

The conference room was named “Pong” (and yes, the room next to it was “Ping”), a large room meant for presentations.

A raised stage lined the back wall, and long, narrow desks, like hedgerows, crossed the room from right to left.

“Jersey City presented a great opportunity for us to be a part of a cool downtown that was about to really take off in terms of craft beer,” says co-owner Paul Kermizian. Hops Scotch Hops Scotch stays true to its slogan (“Where recess meets happy hour”) with board games, in addition to the 40 drafts and a bottle list that focuses on vintage and collaborations, listed as “Belgians, Bombers and Boutiques.” There are also 40 Scotches.

Co-owner Luke Gomez says he was tired of not being able to watch sports and drink at a craft beer bar at the same time, so the bar’s TV’s are usually tuned into sports games.

The remodel's from the guy who runs the laid-back trio Nick's Beer Garden, Nick' A lot of things about Wicker Park's Big Star will make you feel like you're in Texas.

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