Kobe bryant dating cheerleader

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Already light-headed at 8,200 feet, I nearly reeled.Nine days earlier, on the night of June 30, Kobe Bryant summoned another young woman from the desk to his room.

2008 - 2008Kobe Bryant and Lakers cheerleader allegedly had an affair in 2008.

Website The claimed the NBA star and 18-year-old Laker Girl had a fling, and refused to back down about the allegations, even when Kobe's lawyers got on the case.

The number is as synonymous with Kobe Bryant's career as 8 or 24. I think that game is a testament to what happens when you put no ceiling to what you're capable of doing."It's with that ambitious mindset that Bryant put on one of the most impressive individual displays in NBA history.

When he wrote a letter to fans this past November announcing his retirement, the photo behind the text was of him walking off the court after scoring 81 points -- his right arm stretched high with his index finger pointing to the sky. After leaving Los Angeles, Jackson had written a book in which he characterized Bryant as "uncoachable." Still, he came back after a year away at the behest of Lakers executive Jeanie Buss, whom Jackson had been dating since 1999.

When he introduced the "Channel the Villain/Unleash the Hero" slogan for his final season with an online video, the opening scene featured him scoring his 81st point at the free throw line."It's really a testament to the power of imagination, honestly," Bryant told earlier this month. Kobe Bryant, Lakers guard, 1996-present: He [Jackson] is such a basketball genius in terms of the details of the game, the little nuances of the game and the rhythm of the game.

Earlier this week, Bryant's lawyer fired off a letter to The Dirty.com, demanding that the post about Kobe and Vanessa Curry be taken down.

The Dirty claimed Kobe had an affair with Curry, 18, who has resigned her position with the Laker Girls - the Lakers' cheerleaders.If you've seen the excessive news coverage of even the most minor of cheerleader scandals, you know exactly what I'm talking about.There is a national obsession with cheerleaders in this country and it seems that everyone has a strong opinion about them.Bryant's two decades in the NBA have been highlighted by five championships, seven Finals appearances, 15 postseason trips and too many individual awards and honors to mention. This is the story of the game in which Bryant made 81 possible, as seen through the eyes of those who were a part of it.But for many, a regular-season game against the Toronto Raptors 10 years ago remains the high-water mark for one of the game's greatest players. 22, 2006, Bryant scored 81 points in the Los Angeles Lakers' 122-104 victory over the Raptors. The Lakers made the playoffs in each of Bryant's first eight seasons.Wilt Chamberlain, with his 100-point performance for the Philadelphia Warriors in 1962, is the only player to score more in a single NBA game. After they lost the 2004 NBA Finals, coach Phil Jackson left in a messy divorce and star center Shaquille O'Neal was jettisoned to the Miami Heat.