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We're all guilty of editing and filtering and editing and filtering and editing again.

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You’ve taken the initiative to set up a profile, upload a photo, and put yourself out there, and that is no small feat.

Should you post the photo that makes you look like an absolute 10, or the one that makes you look 10 pounds thinner?

We aren’t going to pull any punches here: how you look in your photo does matter. More often than not, your looks aren’t the deciding factor in whether or not you’re going to make a friend or score a date.

"If you only focus on photos from the waist up, it can seem like a lie of omission," Davis said.

This photo of Tech Insider deputy tech editor Steve Kovach is great and could definitely be included on his profile.

It takes gumption to be able to show the world who you are, and for that we give you kudos.

After all, this new world of online profiles isn’t exactly easy to navigate.

In person, someone’s voice, laugh, charisma, and body language can all influence how much you fancy them.

But most online dating sites reduce potential dates to just a static image. Let’s explore the most successful types of pictures, namely: headshots, interesting activities and body shots.

Equally, avoid pics taken the next day after a big night.

You in a kitchen laden with empty bottles, dressed in a onesie, still wearing last night’s make up and clutching an empty tub of Haagen-Dazs might not send the right message to potential dates.

It definitely isn't a totally realistic photo of me.