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Japanese-American You Tube fashion and beauty blogger whose hair coloring videos have earned her over 950,000 subscribers.She worked as a waitress at a small family restaurant for 3 years before becoming a full time You Tube content creator.

We both look like frogs with our wide-set eyes, we're both indecisive and neither of us has a lot of willpower." The pair, who arrived with a group of 15 people, stayed at the club until it closed at 3am and got a taxi home together.

Donna shows off the villa to Rosie and Tanya ("Money, Money, Money").

The three men arrive and Sophie smuggles them to their room, explaining that she sent the invitations.

She begs them to hide so Donna will be surprised by the old friends of whom she "so often" favourably speaks.

They overhear Donna working (humming "Fernando") and swear not to reveal Sophie's secret.

The original musical follows Donna, an independent, single mother who owns a small hotel on an idyllic Greek island, who is about to let go of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), the spirited daughter she's raised alone.

For Sophie's wedding, Donna has invited her two lifelong best girlfriends-practical and no-nonsense Rosie (Julie Walters) and wealthy, multi-divorcee Tanya (Christine Baransk) from her one-time backing band, Donna and the Dynamos.not only has a release date, but it also has a cast that includes most of its original stars.The original movie came out in 2008, and it quickly captured the hearts of people everywhere thanks to its musical numbers, beautiful scenery, and all-star cast.The site reports that Universal has been kicking around ideas for how to make a follow-up work for years, with one potential angle said to be a prequel.While it isn't known if Universal has signed off on this idea or not, this approach would focus on Donna (Meryl Streep), Harry (Colin Firth) and Sam (Pierce Brosnan), several years before the events of the first movie. The film was directed by Phyllida Lloyd and distributed by Universal Pictures in partnership with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's Playtone and Littlestar, and the title originates from ABBA's 1975 chart-topper "Mamma Mia".

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    Born on April 29, 1984, in Yardley, Pennsylvania, thirty-two years old Hallie has actively been involved in television since 2006.

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