Michael webb dating book

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Michael webb dating book

But finding it and knowing how to pleasure her G-spot is the hard part!

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He publishes 3 online newsletters that have a combined circulation of over 200,000 subscribers.

The book itself is simply set out with about one tip per day and just continues like this until the end of the book.

Just about every tip had me shaking my head in agreement, as it gave me real-life solutions and several of those “a-ha” moments of profound understanding.

Second, unlike many other “experts” and marriage counselors, Michael Webb walks the walk.

Michael Webb has never had a fight with his wife of 15 years, Athena.

The book is overflowing with very simple ideas to make your dates memorable.

The ideas suit every purpose, right from that casual first date to the all important anniversary date.Inside this book, you learn exactly what he’s done to make this a reality.Everything you read, he does or has done to improve his relationship, and that’s what I really wanted to see – experience and real-life practice.Michael Webb has literally written the book on romance and he is giving it away to any who want it. Did You Know That the Way Most People Date Actually Destroys Relationships?Why is it that there are so few couples in the world who have a truly happy and fulfilled marriage?Michael's been called "The World's Most Romantic Man", "Mr.