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I’m being billed now for fitting and removing two engines.

So I was delighted when he invited me to try the cooking of his new chef.

Seeking feedback is always good for any business, so I highly appreciate Brian’s desire to listen to, and please, his customers.

Disclosure: This is a paid-for review and, whilst I never recommend anything I do not enjoy, please bear this in mind when reading this. But it should come as no surprise that they have both worked in the hospitality business in the UK.

I’ve written more about this in a blog post here which you may find useful. Took to main dealer who could not find a engine for the car.

Hi I have a Nissan Note that is making a scraping / grinding noise when I turn left. Thanks Hi, I will make a long story short here to explain my situation. Sourced a reconditioned one in England off an engine company.

Step into ’Sonder’- a visual journey capturing spectacular views from above and below some of Ireland’s national treasures and tourist...

Posted by Bill Margeson on 1-01-16 in Featured, Music, News The live Ireland Music Awards 2016 (2016 Livies) Here they all are!!

He has told me i have to pay for all this which is amounting to over 1000 euro. Can someone explain to me am I completely liable for the cost? Every garage should be properly insured against faulty workmanship and carry professional indemnity & liability cover.

This protects the garage and you should anything unforeseen occur whilst the car is in their possession.

Actually then getting worse when in 1st / 2nd gear. It was delivered to the workshop fitted and next thing I know I’m being told the engine is seized and not reconditioned.

Got on to company and eventually got the right engine which was fitted and perfect.

I dropped my car in to have my timing belt done the other day but the mechanic broke the bottom pulley.