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“I mean if anyone can handle it, it’s Michael,” the swimmer, who is tied with Dara Torres and Jenny Thompson with 12 medals for most decorated female swimmer, tells Us Weekly. I feel like it’s a huge challenge, but it’s one that I’m up for and I feel like I’ve set myself up really well the last couple of years and I feel like I have a lot of momentum. I was just here four years ago, like preparing for London and all of the sudden, in the blink of an eye, we’re preparing for Rio. “He is the most incredible athlete and he knows how to win and he knows how to get his stuff done. So if I get one more I’ll be the most decorated female athlete for the U.

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At the 2012 Summer Olympics, she earned a bronze medal in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay.

Not at the time," Adrian, 23, told in April going into the Summer Games, perhaps because he'd heard the rumors of debauchery and orgies that go on in the Olympic Village. There's no evidence of a love interest on the interwebs (keeper of all things about athlete's relationships), and he hasn't been photographed with any gals at they games so far," Zimbio assures, although it's hard to believe that it'll stay that way for long.

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He is a very humble, smart, hard-working guy who got a 4.0 in a science major and spends most of his time swimming.

He still has fun, but is usually sober, which does not lend itself to random hook ups.

I hear of him hooking up with one girl consistently, but does not make her his "girlfriend," probably because swimming is his priority right now.

Clearly, focusing on swimming is what has got him all his success!I couldn’t be happier for him.” The 33-year-old swimmer has her own goal to work toward as she trains for Rio, just without a little one. ” she laughs.“This will hopefully be my fourth Olympics,” says the season 9 Dancing With the Stars competitor, who is working on qualifying for the Summer Games. Zero romantic or lascivious mention of girls on his Twitter feed. Link to the best body on the Olympic swim team below. Anyway, in the interview at link, Nathan gives a little gayvoice (esp. He also seems to be literally sweating questions about Olympic sex and which country has the best-looking swimmers (you can almost see the wheels turning: "Don't say dudes! kinda hard to find a gf/bf, probably just one night stands like ryan lochte..way he's coming out if he is indeed gay..else is gay in the swim team? BREAKING r40 outs Olympic swimming star Nathan Adrian as gay on Datalounge."He still has fun, but is usually sober, which does not lend itself to random hook ups. If you knew more about him you would know that he was raised in Bremerton Washington!!!!With an impressive 12 Olympic medals under belt, Natalie Coughlin, 33, is (rightfully) known for her swimming prowess, not her make-up skills.Natalie Anne Coughlin is an American swimmer and eleven-time Olympic medallist.