Nursing updating electronic mars

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Smart pumps can provide a great deal of data that is useful in driving safe practices. Hard stops will notify the user that the dose is out of the institution-determined safe range and will not allow the infusion to be administered unless the pump is reprogrammed within the acceptable range.

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A physician writes an order for primidone (Mysoline) for a 12-year old boy with a seizure disorder. Alerts provided by this type of technology can include clinical advisories, soft stops, and hard stops (11). In addition to continuous infusions, these libraries can often be programmed for bolus and intermittent doses as well. For example, a clinical alert may prompt the practitioner to utilize a filter with the medication they have selected for administration. Clinical advisories contain relevant information about a specific medication that is displayed on the smart pump screen when the drug is selected from the library.Note: for your convienience, many Illinois schools have been positioned at the top of the selection list.

In partnership with SCRIP-SAFE® International, ECC is now able to provide official transcripts delivered through e SCRIP-SAFE® to network recipients or outside the network (One Time®) to third parties.

Administrative and financial documents and data may be intermingled with clinical data.

In addition, the type of media on which information is recorded is also expanding.

The expanding scope of health records adds to the challenge of defining and compiling these record sets.

An individual's record can consist of a facility's record, outpatient diagnostic test results or therapies, pharmacy records, physician records, other care providers' records, and the patient's own personal health record.

Misreading the physician’s handwriting, the pharmacist mistakenly fills the order with prednisone.