Personality test and online dating

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Personality test and online dating - laws on dating a minor in washington

One of the cool things about this test is that it can help identify the type of person with which the test taker is most likely to be compatible.

e Harmony, the second-biggest dating site, carries out scientific studies to improve its algorithms.So some sites are helping people narrow the field by using an algorithm – a set of logical instructions for solving a problem – to find love online.These algorithms take personal information, such as your interests, and push the data through a computer to calculate a couple’s degree of compatibility (or lack of).But you may not have given much thought about how those types can influence your relationships, especially those beyond the workplace.Personality typing is not an exact science but it can give you powerful new tools for things that can be challenging to do without a strong focus — like dating.One of the interesting things this question can reveal about the test taker is the level of their self-confidence.

It's interesting to note that there are several questions related to a person's physical characteristics that can reveal a lot about the type of person they would be most compatible with. A person's color preferences can identify how passionate they are and how likely they will be to establish successful relationships.

Some Sample Questions: Without further adieu, let's look at some sample questions and see what type of insight's this free online personality test can reveal about you and your potential online matches.

Sample Question 1) What does the length of your fingers say about your personality?

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Below are some sample questions from's highly rated online personality test.