Quicken not updating chase

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If you feel this is happening incorrectly, check the other FAQs and known bank issues below. This is fairly straightforward; the bank is telling us they cannot find the account you're trying to connect.If you feel this is happening incorrectly, check the other FAQs and known bank issues below. Why did my bank tell me they don't support Expensify?

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I have been regularly downloading transaction records from my bank account to quicken, but I had knee surgery a few months ago and didn't do the downloads for 3-4 months.

Intuit, the company who originally made Quicken, sold the Quicken product to HIG Capital, a private equity company.

Intuit is concentrating on cloud and online services with its popular (and free) website as well as its Quickbooks product for small business. Quicken and Mint, despite having functionality, were never integrated over the seven year period after Intuit acquired Mint in 2009.

The information listed here was verified to work for all Bank of America clients.

You can call 1-800-933-6262 and ask the CSR to "enable transaction downloading for Quicken (or Quick Books)".

Quicken has a nasty habit of rearranging their menus every year and even renaming some menu selections, so I can't be more specific on where the import function might be on whatever version you're using.

Also note some bank websites may limit the download time span to 60 days or 90 days at a time, in which case you'd need to split the downloads into two contiguous time spans and import both files into Quicken.

I just charged something and it's not showing up in Expensify--why?

Each evening we retrieve posted (not pending) expenses for your account and automatically add them to your Expensify account.

Were you having Quicken do the downloads itself, or were you manually downloading the transactions yourself and then importing them into Quicken? To do the latter, go to your bank's site in a web browser and look for a link to download activity or transactions.

In most cases you'll be prompted to pick a date range and then select an option to download the transactions in format. Next, open Quicken, select the matching account, then find the function to import a file.

So here’s my Quicken 2017 review with my thoughts about the latest version.