Ring mountings antique dating

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The Edwardian era saw engagement rings become a widely accepted social custom.

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Egyptians have been found buried with metal wire around the third finger of their left hands, which was believed to be directly connected to the heart by a vein.

These ideals are the basis of the Classic Romance Collection, which focuses on engagement rings and wedding bands but also includes earrings, bracelets, pendants and fashion rings perfect for wedding jewelry or everyday wear. Pieces that not only last for a lifetime, but get better with age.

Walking home from a night on the town, heels clicking on the sidewalk, diamonds sparkling on your fingers. The combination of cutting edge fashion and technology create innovative and beautiful designs which serve as the foundation for the Nocturnal Sophistication Collection. This is the very essence of the Vintage Explorer Collection.

Antique cream lace, pale pink rose petals, the golden light of a lit candle.

Celebrations of traditions passed down through generations.

It could have been handed down from previous generations, one of your signature party pieces or even in your child’s dressing up box, Bonhams says.

Jewellery prices have been rising in recent years as investors move away from stocks and shares into more tangible commodities like diamonds, gemstones and collectable pieces.

We've got a complete run down on the six main design styles of the times behind wedding and engagement rings starting from the Georgian era.

And if you have any questions about wedding ring history, just scroll to the end of the page and send in your questions!

There are references to engagement and wedding rings in Shakespeare’s plays, and in the 1600s and 1700s lovers in Europe often exchanged poesy or posie rings, silver or gold bands with a line of poetry or a love message engraved on the inside.

Sometimes a silver ring would be given to mark an engagement, and it would be replaced by a gold ring upon the wedding.

Design influences from the past infuse this collection, which is abundant with filigree, engraving, and extraordinary details.

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