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He began singing at the age of three, winning a $25 war bond for singing at a spiritual contest at the Union Baptist Church.

They had some regional success but Vernon died in a traffic accident in 1957.

In 2004, Ronald Isley suffered a very scary stroke while in London.

He was dating his then-new girlfriend/background singer, Kandy Johnson (who is now his wife and mother of his 9 year old son, Ronald Isley Jr.) at the time, but it was Angela who also rushed to be by his side when he needed all of the loving support he could get to help him through that trying time.

The dissonance of the hook bumps up with some pretty straightforward demands (“I wanna… Blondie, “Call Me” (1980) “Call Me” trades the bubbly disco bop of “Heart of Glass” for something more driving and intense; it could almost pass for metal if Debbie Harry weren’t singing. INXS, “Need You Tonight” (1987) When this song came out, I was a child, but I knew it was about something… Michael Hutchence’s seductive whisper is almost all you need to go a little weak in the knees, but that repetitive guitar and the pleading to “come over here” are just about the most direct a person can be. The Smiths, “Handsome Devil” (1984) The young Morrissey’s public disavowal of sexuality meant that, of course, his actual songs were positively steaming with thwarted desire. Ginuwine, “Pony” (1996) Hey DJ: want to make a dance floor full of women absolutely lose their shit? There’s no better way to find someone who knows how to ride.

make love in a train, cross-country”) and creates a truly memorable laundry list of lust. George Michael, “I Want Your Sex” (1987) Sometimes the best subtext isn’t “sub” at all. Bruce Springsteen, “I’m on Fire” (1985) This slow-burner is so desperate, so haunting, so thick with tossing-in-your-sheets-on-a-sweltering-July-night frustration, that the Boss actually makes rhyming “fire” and “desire” sound original. I tend to read that title with an implied “or else.” — P. I thought maybe he wasn’t sleeping because it was summer and he was warm and his parents were out of town or something. The Isley Brothers, “Between the Sheets” (1983) This song’s incredibly smooth production has been ransacked by hip-hop beatmakers everywhere, and it’s hard not to see why: deep, velvety bass, and synthesized handclaps lay down a bed for Ron Isley’s beautiful vocal. “Hand In Glove” or the still exquisite “This Charming Man” would work just as well, but for sheer head-in-the-library directness, why fight “Handsome Devil?

’ Okay, now that we’ve put our two cents in, let us fill y’all in on what we’re talking about. READ MORE After the major health crisis Brandy experienced On Friday, her brother/reality star/singer, Ray-J., was spotted in an airport Saturday morning and gave an update on what happened and how he’s steppin’ in to help his ?

Ronald, like many of his siblings, began his career in the church.Their parents encouraged them to continue as a trio and the brothers recorded for a few small labels in New York.Marvin Isley was born in Cincinnati in 1953 and the whole family were to move to Teaneck, New Jersey after the death of the father in 1958 and the brothers' subsequent success.He co-wrote many of their hit songs including "Harvest For The World", "Highways Of My Life" and "It's A Disco Night", and he also co-wrote "Caravan Of Love", a No 1 for the Housemartins in 1986.The Isley Brothers were encouraged by their parents, O'Kelly and Sally.In 1969, Ron and his brothers reformed T-Neck Records in a need to produce themselves without the control of record labels, forming the label shortly after ending a brief tenure with Motown.