Seaman dating

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Seaman dating

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Mike proposed to Lauren on Star Island with a surprise visit from their friends.When we've had bad weather in the past though they've hit around 27 metres.'One cubic metre of water smashing down on the ship weighs a tonne and we get so many smashing down so you can imagine the vessel gets a lot of damage.'Asked whether he ever gets scared out at sea, Mr Hately said: 'There was the time when the conditions actually smashed the windows and the next day the weather got worse.You have to just ride it out.'If you think about what could go wrong you would never go out there.The form explains how to pay and where to send your application.You can apply in person at your local Marine Office.A veteran seaman has revealed some of the most terrifying moments he has encountered while sailing on the North Sea.

Graeme Hately, who is chief officer on rescue vessel the Grampian Protector, has released a compilation video showing waves up to 60ft tall crashing into the ship.

Lauren is a Behavior Health Professional for Connections for Kids in Kittery, Maine.

She also works part time at a homeless shelter and is in grad school full time for her Masters in Social Work.

Crew members are filmed being thrown from one side to another as the boat tilts at a 45 degree angle.

The footage, which was shared on Youtube, was captured on board two Emergency Response and Rescue Vessels (ERRV) that look after oil platforms and try to keep other ships away from them.

In her free time Lauren enjoys the beach, vodka lemonades and napping!