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The media occasionally speculate that, due to the rises in tuition fees, increasing numbers of students may look to sex work for financial reasons.So far, evidence for this is purely anecdotal, but there are projects to research and investigate the issue, and to provide advice and support to students employed in the sex industry.

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Started in 2008, the child sex offender disclosure scheme was developed in consultation with Sara Payne, the former victims champion, along with the police, and children’s charities.

The pilot was independently evaluated, and the is available for download.

It also explains what you can do to stay out of trouble and your options if someone has an inappropriate photo or video of you.

There are different rules for photographing or recording things depending on whether you are in a public place or on private property.

But if you are taking photos or videos in a way that is offensive or a nuisance to those around you, this can be a crime.

For example, even though most beaches are public places, you can get in trouble for taking invasive photos of people in their swimmers without their permission.

The 15-year-old girl told the jury that Pearce invited her to his room and they had sexual intercourse with her consent.

But she had been under age "by six or seven weeks." Pearce agreed he had met the girl, but told the court there had never been sexual contact between them.

A jury at Swansea crown court heard how rumours began spreading around the town that Pearce was in a relationship with a schoolgirl.

First the girl's mother heard the rumours, and then her grandmother.

A public place is a social space that is open and accessible to all, like a park.

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