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A general view of the Market House in Hawes, North Yorkshire.The building houses the second-hand bookshop Bloomingdales, run by Steve Bloom, who charges a 50p entry fee and has been branded "the bookseller from hell" A second-hand bookshop owner who has sparked more than 20 complaints about his rudeness has admitted he was wrong to call a customer a "pain in the arse".

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"No one knew anything about me, except that I was from somewhere else. It is a release, in a way."Alice Steinbach, a columnist on the Baltimore Sun, decided one winter's day to "jump ship" and abandon her old life.

In Ingleton, take the left turn on to the B6255 towards Hawes and as you climb away from the village you'll get a close look at Ingleborough on your right.

If you're keen on speleology, the White Scar Caves are a must, because this is the longest show cave in England.

However, the metalled road is also impressive - our route continues on the fabulous B6255, running parallel to the Pennine Way for most of the 10 miles or so to Hawes.

Most visitors will probably want to spend some time at the Wensleydale Creamery on Gales Lane (a right turn just as you enter Hawes).

As she admits in Without Reservations (Bantam, February 8), her hidden agenda was to lose weight, find the perfect haircut, pick up an Armani suit at 70 per cent off "and meet Yves Montand's twin, who would fall, deeply, madly in love with me".

Her "year of living dangerously" took her to Paris, Venice, Milan, London and the Cotswolds - and into an ambiguous relationship with a Japanese businessman whose gentle attentions and ability to meet her almost anywhere in the world give her story its fragile charm.Lake Semerwater, Yorkshire's biggest natural lake, is a half a mile's walk from Stable Fell across the fields or a mile and a half by car, and popular with canoeists, sailors, windsurfers and anglers, who come to try their luck at the brimming stocks of bream, brown trout, perch, pike and roach. Try scenic hikes, pony trekking, deer stalking, birdwatching, cycling, mountain biking…Bainbridge, part of the 2014 Tour de France route, is just three miles away and the site has easy access to the village of Askrigg and to the market town of Hawes within a few minutes' drive.HELEN STEVENSON protests that she didn't mean to write a book about her affair with a languid Frenchman, nor about her life in France, but when both collapsed and she returned to a rented flat in London, what else could she do with the bitter-sweet burden of all those experiences?"It was like having armfuls of luggage," she explains, "and nowhere to put it down."She needn't sound in the least apologetic.Intrepid, life-hungry women travellers are aching to unpack their foreign adventures and amours.

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