Shu qi is not dating stephen fung

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Shu qi is not dating stephen fung - ldating ru

The couple revealed on Sina News that the wedding was a small simple affair without any fanfare.They also confirmed reports that they met 20 years ago, but clarified that they only made their relationship official four years ago.

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She covers the Pearl River Delta and southern China extensively, reporting on politics, civil unrest, the environment, and construction and infrastructure.

Taiwanese actress Shu Qi has finally announced her marriage to Hong Kong actor Stephen Fung.

Although the pair have been rumoured to be dating for 20 years, they have never once publicly confirmed their relationship until now.42-year-old Fung had even bought Shu Qi, 40, a cat in 2013, but the two remained tight-lipped about any romance, Vogue Taiwan reported.

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The nuptials were in contrast to the millions of yuan spent on the wedding of celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy, who entertained 2,000 guests from both sides of the Taiwan Strait and Hong Kong last year.

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