Sql updating one table from another

06-Mar-2020 06:47 by 2 Comments

Sql updating one table from another

There are one column in each table, call id, to link them.

this is what i came up with so far but i keep getting an error of: Msg 4104, Level 16, State 1, Line 1The multi-part identifier "dbo.

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I have a database in Access that I am trying to fix (actually, I'm working on a copy of the original).

You're most likely better off getting a fresh export of the original data with the PK included, run the process/es that you did to clean up the data, then run an update statement.

And then put constraints on the table to prevent the errors from occurring again.

I would like to update the first table with the information from the second, searching for records to update based on similarity between the Title field in both.

The second has had some typos fixed throughout as well... Without the primary key, fixing the data with an update statement is likely to get very messy.regards & thanks pjp June 29, 2005 - am UTC select as many old columns as you want and as many new columns as you want??? But when i did the same with the syntax given i got this error ora-01779 cannot modify a column which maps to a non key preserved value. I tried doing the same through this update ( select old. WORKEXTENSION from TBL_VOTERS old, VOTERSWITHNUMBERS new where old. Secondly you have shown me to update table with "KEY PRESERVED" method. IT NEEDS THIS LOGICALLY regardless of the method used, so just add it (for if a row in OLD joins to more than one row in NEW -- you are hosed, you cannot update this data, therefore NEW has a unique/primary key, add it to facilitate the update) I had a similiar query and i tried applying to my tables. If it is not possible can you show me how to write "GOOD" sql ? i.e, one column of a table should get updated from another column of another table. Now i am having a problem i hope one of you can help me with.

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