Stock options backdating and representing law firms

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Stock options backdating and representing law firms

Robbins Geller attorneys secured an unprecedented $500 million settlement for institutional and individual investors.

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For more information about DRS, please see our Frequently Asked Questions below.He also has successfully briefed and argued numerous cases in the California Courts of Appeal and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.Peter serves on the board of directors of the Federal Bar Association and Constitutional Rights Foundation. 2006) ("Limited partners seeking redress for the decreased value of their shares in the limited partnership must do so in a derivative action."). If the injury is not incidental to an injury to the corporation, an individual cause of action exists."); , Del. 17436 ("The distinction between a direct and derivative claim, which is difficult to apply in specific circumstances, turns on the existence of direct or 'special' injury to the plaintiff stockholder."); , 403 F. 2005) ("Common examples of direct actions include suits to compel the payment of a dividend, to protest the issuance of shares impermissibly diluting a shareholder's interest, to protect voting rights or to obtain inspection of corporate books and records."); , 2004 WL 2203709, at *25 (E. The same injury may affect a substantial number of shareholders.

2005) (held that partners in a general partnership have a right to bring individual suits against fellow partners; analogizing the position of a general partner's suit "to a suit by a minority shareholder against the majority shareholder, claiming that the latter has violated the fiduciary duty that such a shareholder, especially in a closely held corporation, owes to minority shareholders."). Often, the same set of facts gives rise to both direct and derivative claims. 3d at 107 ("The individual wrong necessary to support a suit by a shareholder need not be unique to that plaintiff. Under New York law, a shareholder derivative action is an appropriate method for one fifty-percent shareholder to obtain relief in the name of the corporation against the other fifty-percent shareholder."); , 2005 WL 1076069, at *6 (Del. Because the means used to achieve that result is an overpayment (or 'over-issuance') of shares to the controlling stockholder, the corporation is harmed and has a claim to compel the restoration of the value of the overpayment. As sole lead counsel, Robbins Geller attorneys recovered more than .2 billion for victims of Enron.The Enron settlement is the largest aggregate class action settlement not only in a securities class action, but in class action history.Many of our DC attorneys are current or former professors at area law schools, including Georgetown University Law Center, The George Washington University Law School, American University School of Law, and Columbus School of Law at Catholic University. Our attorneys have been featured in local and national media, and they have been named among the region’s top lawyers in publications such as Below are some resources we thought you would find helpful while visiting our Washington, D. Peter has extensive experience defending companies, broker-dealers, accounting firms and financial institutions in lawsuits arising out of the purchase or sale of securities as well as investigations and enforcement actions by the SEC, PCAOB, FINRA and other regulatory agencies.

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