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"The Life & Times of Tim" is an animated show about a young guy named Tim who just can't seem to catch a break in life.

However after Glaber reneges on the deal and switches his attentions from the Getae to attack Mithridates in Asia Minor, the Thracians feel betrayed and mutiny.Merc is certain that a remake of the show will go over well with an American audience.After making the Lincolns a lucrative offer, they pack up and ship out to the States.Merc ultimately dismisses the original star, an elder, distinguished, gentleman, for 'Friends' actor 'Matt Le Blanc', a charming, yet manipulative beast, with a grocery list of demands.Hollywood is not what the Lincolns had in mind, but Sean believes he can swim with the sharks.Batiatus puts all his fortunes on the man who will gain him fame and glory.

That would be his best gladiator, the Celt, Gannicus, a skilled warrior who wields dual swords with deadly purpose.

Captured by Glaber, Spartacus is condemned to death as a Gladiator, whilst his wife Sura is condemned to slavery.

Spartacus, however, proves to be a formidable gladiator, and defeats the four gladiators tasked with executing him.

The family helps teach Kyle human behaviors such as anger, joy and love, and guards him against forces who seek to use Kyle for their own nefarious purposes.1x1 -- Jun 26, 2006 -- Pilot1x2 -- Jul 03, 2006 -- Sleepless in Seattle1x3 -- Jul 10, 2006 -- The Lies That Bind1x4 -- Jul 17, 2006 -- Diving In1x5 -- Jul 24, 2006 -- This Is Not a Test1x6 -- Jul 31, 2006 -- Blame It On The Rain1x7 -- Aug 07, 2006 -- Kyle Got Game1x8 -- Aug 14, 2006 -- Memory Serves1x9 -- Aug 21, 2006 -- Overheard1x10 -- Aug 28, 2006 -- Endgame2x1 -- Jun 11, 2007 -- The Prophet2x2 -- Jun 18, 2007 -- The Homecoming2x3 -- Jun 25, 2007 -- The List Is Life2x4 -- Jul 02, 2007 -- Balancing Act2x5 -- Jul 09, 2007 -- Come to Your Senses2x6 -- Jul 16, 2007 -- Does Kyle Dream of Electric Fish2x7 -- Jul 23, 2007 -- Free To Be You And Me2x8 -- Jul 30, 2007 -- What's The Frequency, Kyle?

2x9 -- Aug 06, 2007 -- Ghost in the Machine2x10 -- Aug 13, 2007 -- House of Cards2x11 -- Aug 20, 2007 -- Hands on a Hybrid2x12 -- Aug 27, 2007 -- Lockdown2x13 -- Sep 03, 2007 -- Leap of Faith2x14 -- Jan 14, 2008 -- To C.

"Party Down" follows a Los Angeles catering team - a sextet of Hollywood wannabes stuck working for tips while hoping for their "big break." Each episode of this half-hour comedy finds the hapless catering team working a new event - and inevitably getting tangled up with the colorful guests and their absurd lives.

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