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Think I'll kiss her in the rain - she'll love that.As I do, a sharp whiff of body odour rises up my nostrils – I stink.

Let’s call the person who didn’t turn up for the date as DATE-E and the person who kept waiting as DATE-R!!!Sad 04: Hole in the pocket: this is usually applicable for college date-e’s, maybe the date-e’s parents didn’t give the weeks pocket money.Obviously his/her pocket would have a hole and now-a-days dates are too expensive.Dr Paul Willis One of the special things about Cuddie Springs is that it gives us a slice through time.Most other fossil deposits across the country are single points in the past, a little window on what's happened at a particular point in time. The review never said anything about Swedish subtitles. Five minutes later her head is resting on my shoulder. Catch a glimpse of myself and like what I see: I'm irresistible. The theme to Match of the Day vibrates through paper-thin walls, and the disbelieving voice of John Motson soundtracks our descent under the sheets. Before I know it Motson is describing a third goal for those in red and it's clear a remarkable turnaround has taken place.

Avoid talking about the film after - don't want to sound thick. Oh well, five minutes later, outside her student house, our lips collide under the gaze of my rear view mirror. We'll make these and add them to the site as we have time: Crab Nebula, Buick Riviera, Camero, Citroen DS, Corvette Stingray, Jaguar E Type, King Kong, King Tut's Tomb, Kremlin, Monster Truck, Packard Hawk, Pathfinder Rover, Porsche Boxster, Sail Boat, Seattle Space Needle, Star Trek Voyager, USS Arizona, White House, Automata - "Kissing Heads", 1957 Chevy Bel-Air, Dodge Viper GTS*, Golden Gate Bridge, Dragon**, Stonehenge, Spruce Goose, Baby, Honda Civic, Boat - "SS Minnow", Rolls Royce, Bently Azure, Cat**, Dog**, Coca-Cola Can, 1967 Camaro, 1967 Firebird, Turtle, Snail, Golf Cart, Gingerbread House, Chevy 1964 Impala, Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper BMW, Lamborghini Diablo, New York City, Apollo Command Module, Lunar Lander, Paris Opera House, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, San Francisco Streetcar, USPS Step-Van, Salt Lake City Mormon Temple, Cell Phone**, Flowers, VW Bus, IMCA Dirt Track Car, Uncle Sam Hat, Pentagon*, White House*, Big Boy Steam Locomotive and Tender, Petronas Twin Towers, Jack-Up Drilling Rig, Kangaroo, Moravian Star, Horse, USS Enterprise NCC 1701D, Skunk, U. Capitol Building**, 1949 Tucker, Trans-America Building, 1967 Ford Mustang, Ebbet's Field, Fenway Park, The Knesset, Western Wall (Jerusalem), Leaning Tower of Piza, Godzilla, Taliesen West, Guggenheim, Fallingwater House, Banjo, Amish Barn, Tractor, Bulldozer, Frontend Loader, Elephant, Acura Integra*, Golden Gate Bridge*, Beatles' Yellow Submarine, Magical Myster Tour Bus, Bruce Lee Paper Doll, Back To The Future De Loeran, Model T, 1964 Shelby Cobra*, Liberty Bell, 1969 Corvette*, Toyota Supera*, Bluefin Tuna, Bass, Orient Express, Neuschwanstein Castle, BMW Mototcycle, Chateau Frantenac (Quebec City), Titanic, 1959 Cadillac, Santa in Sleigh*, Halloween Witch, 3-D Snowflake, Great Wall of China.Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), Noah's Arc, Tower of Babel.Of course our three grandsons from that branch also were present: Ryan, in his second year at the University of Tulsa; Colby, a junior at Crossings High School; and Shane, a sophomore at Crossings. However I forgot my camera and so took no pictures.Last night, Sunday, we had dinner with Randy, Janelle, their three boys, Bob, our granddaughter Macayla and her family and granddaughter Keri and her husband, Jarrod. Bob, Keri, Kurtis, Shane, Ryan, and Colby set up a table to play some board game.Dr Judith Field There's very few places in the whole of Australia where you get, you know, layer upon layer upon layer of different events where bones of animals have accumulated.