Tiffeny milbrett and christine sinclair dating

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Tiffeny milbrett and christine sinclair dating - inside the mind of the boy dating your daughter

The 5’9” native of Burnaby, BC last played for Whitecaps (then Breakers) in 2002 when she led the team in scoring with seven goals and two assists in only four games.

So, in case you want to root on your national team and the ladies who play for , here’s a look at the World Cup’s out lesbian and bisexual players.VANCOUVER, Feb 13 (SW) - Vancouver Whitecaps Director of Soccer Operations Bob Lenarduzzi announced the signings of Canadian and US international forwards Christine Sinclair and Tiffeny Milbrett.“We are extremely delighted to have two of the world's best attacking players come to Vancouver,” said Whitecaps Women’s Head Coach Bob Birarda.“To hear Christine Sinclair’s enthusiasm about coming home to play is a dream for a coach, and then to have an opportunity to add one of the most prolific goal scorers in US National Team history, Tiffeny Milbrett, is simply incredible.”Christine Sinclair, 22, returns to Vancouver after a three year hiatus.And by plenty, I don’t just mean countless well-defined quadriceps.The international tournament brings together the best female soccer players in the world for the sport’s biggest prize. Sinclair was her usual awesome self and I really think this team started to improve when Herdmann went to the 4-3-2-1 formation.

Filigno up front as lone striker is a brilliant move and I think it has paid off for this team.

about doing mini-primers for canonical ladyballer pairings and it seems like a semi-legit use of my internet stalking skills (I use "legit" in a broad variety of meanings, including "not actually legitimate at all") but picking up on who is actually dating in the current media environment tends to be the job of people who are already stalking a team, so -- tell me which ladies are actually lesbian couples and I will investigate them!

Current list: -Kelly Smith and Alex Scott (already done, aww yeah)-Lianne Sanderson and Joanna Lohman-Laura Del Rio and Nikki Baker-Fara Williams and Amy Kane-Marta and Johanna Frisk-Abby Wambach and Sarah Huffman (? )-Christine Sinclair and Tiffeny Milbrett-Diana Matheson and Rhian Wilkinson-Amy Lepeilbet and Liz Bogus-Melissa Tancredi and Erin Mc Leod-Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris (?

I'll be rooting for Canada but at least if we lose I can take some solace in the fact that at least Megan Rapinoe will likely get Gold. I have always thought Sync was straight although I have at times wondered. If someone could tell me who is gay (for sure versus rumors), it would be helpful.(sorry for my English, I'm not an English-speaker).

Question, because I haven't read every single post in this thread, but I saw somebody mention that Christine Sinclair is rumored to be gay and dating (or dated) Tiffeny Milbrett. Ok I don't want to read these 8 pages to know who is gay in this team.

)I know Abby Wambach is dating a lady and Megan Rapinoe and Sarah Walsh are together, obviously, but I kind of feel like everybody knows that already and they don't need a primer? And also feel free to tell me this is all a terrible idea!