Ukraine dating tradition

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Much like how Istanbul, Turkey—just south of Ukraine—is the gateway between Europe and Asia.Well, Ukraine is the gateway between Russia and Europe.

The European Union is a global superpower, as is Russia. The point is that Ukraine has always been the center of conflict.

Its main geographical features are the Polissya and Volyn northern forests, the central forest steppes, the Donetsk eastern uplands (up to 1,600 feet [500 meters] above sea level), and the coastal lowlands and steppes along the Black and Azov Seas.

The Carpathian mountains in the west reach 6,760 feet (2,061 meters) at Mount Hoverla.

But if you want to avoid misunderstandings and embarrassing situations get prepared and learn how to avoid some of the worst mistakes. A Ukrainian lady will get upset if a man refers to her country as Russia, instead of Ukraine. Led by this wrong assumption they tend to think that those beautiful women they see on the site are simply looking for a rich husband and a ticket abroad.

That would mean he does not even know about the existence of Ukraine, or even worse - that he doesn't care to know. The truth is that for most Ukrainian women it would be very hard to leave their country and therefore they would dare do so only if they are convinced they have found true love. There's another major mistake foreign men make when starting an acquaintance with a Ukrainian lady - they talk about falling in love with her in their very first letter. Ukrainian men never say such serious words in the beginning of a relationship.

Simply put, it’s very difference from the Western world.

On top of that, Ukrainian culture is even drastically different from it’s direct neighbors—Russia to the East, and Poland to the West.Women in Ukraine do not consider it feminine to shake hands when they meet.Also, in the winter, make sure you take off your right glove before you shake hands with a man. Usually, men and women do not hold hands in Ukraine when they walk together. Be sure you always offer your arm to your lady when you cross the street. Many Westerners are not accustomed to using public transportation systems and forget this courtesy.To top it off, Russia and Poland are so drastically different that could warrant a blog post all on it’s own.To understand the culture of Ukraine, you first must understand …no matter what. The name Ukraine first appeared in twelfth century chronicles in reference to the Kyivan Rus.

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