Updating 1970s ranch house

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Meanwhile, an older generation of buyers are lured by the ranch’s single-level floor plan, which is easy on aging knees.

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Case in point: This 1977 time capsule home in Lebanon, Pennsylvania — a veritable showcase of lovely, livable design from the era.Hirsch says that a house should "fit" you: "It should fit your needs, your desires, your lifestyle, your aesthetic sense, the needs of your family, your aspirations—everything about you." So, the question is this: What Can You Do for a Ho-Hum House?NEXT: A ho-hum Ranch The house shown here is a Raised Ranch built in the 1970s. Repairs were so shoddy that the room was actually pulling away from the main house. They had not been installed properly and would have to be replaced. To make matters worse, the appliances were in disrepair.Located in New York's Hudson Valley region, the location is ideal. Michael could slip his fingers beneath the flashing. Seems that the only thing that worked was the hot water heater.It's in a safe neighborhood, near stores and the train station, and the surrounding families include children with similar interests. With this much work that needed to be done, Abby and Michael decided that they might as well change the house—totally.It’s like a real-life Traditional Home magazine cover story from 40 years ago. Many thanks to Annie of Annie M Designs — not only did she photograph the home, but also she recommended the homeowners contact us for this story.

Her photographs of this 1960 time capsule house appeared here in 2013.

Looking to simplify their life, Bruce and Mary Jane Pappas decided to trade their 1905 Victorian home for one that demanded less upkeep.

They found this late-'50s ranch-style home in a Minneapolis suburb and moved in about 18 years ago.

A lovely stream bubbles nearby, where youngsters gather to catch frogs in the summer. But even before they completed the purchase, owners Abby and Michael Patrick knew that the house was missing something. They examined each side of the house individually, starting with the front facade.

"It's everything I wanted to live in." Abby says. NEXT: House Problems The trouble began when their structural engineer inspected the house. Michael, a building contractor, purchased an easy home design software program.

Space, accessibility and relaxed living make ranch homes popular, but their exteriors can be dull.