Webalizer stats not updating cpanel

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Webalizer stats not updating cpanel - best on line dating sites uk

Done Update status for /var/cpanel/bandwidth/galaxy-all.rrd: (0) LANGUAGE: english /usr/local/cpanel/lang/.english WEBLANG english Archive Status: 0 About to fork() for galaxy [ALL DOMAINS: ] Child [17691]: exited with signal 0 [add domain] jjumpm2 [add domain] jjumpm2 [add domain] jjumpm2 justlasersplus.[add domain] jjumpm2 uk [add dead domain] jjumpm2 trafficrun.[add domain] jjumpm2 bettertravelworldwide.[add domain] jjumpm2 [add domain] jjumpm2 seemore-affiliates.[add domain] jjumpm2 [add dead domain] jjumpm2 keepingfish.[add dead domain] jjumpm2 [add dead domain] jjumpm2 lasikeyeinformaiton.[add domain] jjumpm2 lasikeyeinformation.[add domain] jjumpm2 [add domain] habbotun http domain] habbotun LANGUAGE: english /usr/local/cpanel/lang/.english Processing exim stats for lenbuck.......

I am pointing the common reasons why the stats can fail to update and will add more reasons when I come across them.CPanel offers you the ability to check your website statistics with a program called webalizer.The problem with this system is that you are required to login via cpanel, and click through 2 diferent subsections in order to access them.Have you tried: service crond status to verify it is running?/scripts/runweblogs will manually run the Stats programs and should reset the time run; will also run tomorrow at the same time as today.My server was reset (not rebooted, reset), and since then the c Panel stats deamon hasn't ran, in WHM i have configured stats as i had it before, and the stats configuration page says stats are keeping up to date bla bla bla, does anyone have any ideas? If they are high, the stats round will be bypassed till another time where it will check loads again.

The one thing I have found that will help is to go to the awstats page in the client's c Panel and tap that update now link, which seems to help kick things into gear sometimes.

You need root access to the server for updating AWStats manually.

From Command Line To update Awstats for a user alone via command line, run the command below after logging to the server as ‘root’ user.

Gives you the opportunity to check tomorrow at this time and see if it is running.crond (pid 3326) is running...

I did get one error whilst trying to do what some one else suggested, i enabled the update awstats link, when clicked it said about access or combined logs, i had it set to access, so changed to combined, the erro what, then said about 0 logs curropt...

Statistics Status Summary This section displays the information about server’s statistics and statistic software.

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