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I don’t have those experiences myself as I’m not a relationship type of guy. I don’t have a supermodel face – when you look at me you see a normal guy who started by sitting at home playing around in his bedroom then suddenly managed to produce hit songs.

Jonas Altberg, AKA Basshunter, 28, is best known for hits Now You’re Gone and All I Ever Wanted, and for appearing in Celebrity Big Brother in 2010. It was finished a year ago but then I had two weeks off and found new music programmes and wanted to update a few songs. The problem was they made all the other songs sound like they were made in the 1990s, so I needed to change the rest of them. It’s easier for people to relate to me than it is for them to relate to other artists. The New Year’s Eve party for the president of Kazakhstan a few years ago. When he’s performing he does medleys – people love him, he’s so entertaining but he needs his own tracks.'I don't think I have a boyfriend anymore.' she told Jonas. After kindly returning her purse, after she'd left it on a bus, the pair became friends - but, the relationship soon went a step further when the music producer kissed her in his home studio.The Basshunter hunk jokingly responded by suggesting the couple get married. She told The News Of The World: 'It was an explosive night. He is very gentle, and attentive - he makes you feel like you're the only person in the world he has eyes for.' Adding: 'He is very flirty and has a magnetism where everyone who meets him wants to spend time with him, both women and also men who respected his prowess with the ladies and liked his sense of humour.'But Emely expressed surprise that Katia and Jonas had got it together, as she is not his usual type of girl.The 26-year-old DJ is due to go on trial on May 18 after the date was set during the hearing before Sheriff James Williamson. Altberg, from Halmstad, best known for his hits Boten Anna and UK number one Now You're Gone, was released on bail.He was a contestant on the final series of Celebrity Big Brother last year, finishing in fourth place.He's moved on since his dalliance with Ronnie Wood's ex-girlfriend on Big Brother but Basshunter still a big hit with the girls. However, his new girlfriend, Tara, was sensibly watching in the wings and he went to some lengths to demonstrate his affection for her.

Jonas Altberg demonstrated his across-the-board popularity with a raucous gig surrounded by a gaggle of gorgeous women at GAY last night.

The 23-year-old has revealed that the Swedish pop star is an exhibitionist who would enjoy nothing more than having sex on camera, as he has done it before.

Brunette Emely spent what she calls "the best year of her life" with Jonas, as his girlfriend, before he became famous - and she took part in his now infamous orgy pictures that circulated on the internet not long after Basshunter hit the UK number one spot.

Although she probably had more to fear from the drag queens on stage than the nubile, scantily clad backing dancers.

Basshunter, 25, was in fact filling in for Katie Price, behind whose husband Alex Reid he finished a creditable fourth in Celebrity Big Brother back in January, thanks in part to cosying up to Russian former Rolling Stone squeeze. The couple's relationship didn't last long outside the house but the pop star is refusing to drift quietly back into the realms of Europop.

Swedish DJ Basshunter today denied sexually assaulting two women at a nightclub.

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