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Just prior to the release of the latest Bonnie “Prince” Billy album, Beware, Oldham spoke to The A. Club from his Hawaiian vacation hideaway about his image, his opinions about how music should be presented, and why Wes Anderson is a cancer. I think everybody works from a defensive position, for the most part, in the film industry. So everyone is either living in the present or living in the future, and they’re personally guarded because they’re in an intense situation for a short period of time. So with Phil Morrison, or Todd Rohal, or Kelly Reichardt, those are all people I’ve known in one way or another, so we can talk directly and be understood by each other.

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comes bearing like a pick-up bar band approximating the technique of Nashville and Bakersfield studio pros, shifting the instrumental elements (heavy flute instead of steel guitar, for instance) and infusing them with a fair amount of loose, indie-rock-derived sensibility.

That is, in some sense, the album’s most ideologically redeeming element: It’s important that Oldham does not aim for pat imitation of someone whose musical skill set he does not share.

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It’s perfectly cozy and bittersweet (Christmas in a nutshell) and, similar to the pair’s 2013 full-length album of Everly Brothers covers, fairly catholic to the original.

However, back in […] Here I was given the great opportunity to interview Masaki Batoh.

I became aware of some of Batoh’s work in the mid-1990’s when a relationship between Batoh’s band Ghost was begun with the Drag City record label (I have had a long and satisfying relationship with Drag City dating back to the early 1990’s).

When […] If you missed our interview with the Bonnie ‘Prince’ last month, you can find that, here.

The “alt-country” tag is a designation often applied to Will Oldham’s music, and yet the Louisville singer-songwriter rarely makes music that sounds like any known country artist.

His plaintive, lightly bleating tenor is odder and more finicky than even the strangest novelty artists of the genre proper; his wayward songwriting feels more indebted to eccentrics on the outskirts of the genre, like hippie-folk auteur Michael Hurley or, at his most poker-faced, Townes Van Zandt.

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